Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

After two awesome rides over the weekend (one 4 hr ride with 1 hr threshold and 2.15hr tempo and the other a 2.5 hr tempo off road ride) I had a little juice left in the legs to get out and ride on Memorial Day. Thanks to the ones who have fallen for our freedom we got this Monday off. Monday was gloomy when the clouds rolled in. Ten minutues into the ride it started to rain. Being that it was 65 degrees it felt kind of nice. In the back of my mind I secretly wanted to ride all day. I didn't. What I did come up with is one leg of a 150 + mile mostly off road ride. 4.10hrs later I was home, with a good idea.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend of riding

Like two stale pieces of bread, my legs pushed the pedals as I thought about heading back from what would be a nice ride. I kicked up the cadence and just chilled. I haven't done this route in a while. Up to Villa Park, west on the Great Western Trail and head back on the Praire Path. My ride took less time than I planned, which was ok with me. 2:30. I guess not having snow to ride through makes a difference.

Oh yeah Monsters of the Midway was yesturday. I rode up on Cermak, hit the lake off of MLK Dr. saw a dude stuck under a truck. Watched some racing. Rode tempo back into the wind. I meant to take pictures but that never happened. I was tired on Monday.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Recovery Week

This week is a recovery week. I was thinking about what is a recovery week. Most importantly why do I feel so stale the first couple rides when I get back. Hmm maybe I should have shaken it up at least once or twice during the week. Nothing crazy but something to get the blood pumping and the muscles contracting. In store this week is a SCW Ride, high cadence spinning, the introduction to plyometrics and a some tempo but nothing taken too seriously.

So today was the SCW Ride. The Tuesday night practice crit at the Ace Hardware. This was it. Just what I needed. The pace was high enough where I could sit in at the front and get a good work out in. I did take a couple pulls and found myself in the back 1/4 of the field and had to work back up. No attacking just riding. In the back of my head was "just cool it, sit in, get a work out in and save it for next week." Each lap averaged about 26 mph with a pretty stiff head wind on the open two sides of the one kilometer four corner track.

Earlier today I started to do some more leg work outs which I plan on doing twice a week. Mostly jumping around and trying to recruit some fast twitch muscle fibers. Right now I feel good. I am looking forward to yoga tomorrow and a chill high cadence off road ride on Thursday.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Out for a Spin

I look forward to Fridays for more than just the obvious reason. Besides the fact that it is the start of the weekend, Friday is the day that have I set aside for my recovery ride. Something about just spinning around, not worrying about zones or how fast I need to go, really compliments the atmosphere of a Friday evening.

These recovery rides are good for a few reasons.

1. The route I take is different than my training routes which is stimulating.
2. Low speed high cadence is almost like a massage to the legs.
3. It is refreshing just to be on a bike and ride.

I like Friday recovery rides because I get a break from the hard work out on my Thursday race days and enjoy the rest before my weekend hammer fests.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Day For Testing

Originally I posted that I was going to test once a month. Sure that is what I am doing. It is just that I am not doing it on the weekend of my recovery week. I guess it didn't make sense to me. So now I do it on the 3rd week of the training ?cycle? What-ever. Kinda actually sounds like I take it serious or something. So back to the course. 1/2mph faster this month so I guess the training is off to a good start. Oh and I saw a snake at the end of the ride. I guess that means good luck.

"Good luck Cliff"

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wieners and Wheels

After riding the Naperville Ride yesterday and talking to Ken, I knew what had to be done. I needed to ride out to the ride-do it-ride home. So I woke up this morning, rode some recon, came home 79 miles later, very happy. This is it. This is the new Saturday ride.

1.15 hrs till I meet the ride from my place.

Throttle it.

Come back hungry.

Today I just cruised. Nothing serious. Just recon. I came back home 3.45min after I left.

Val and I went to the Wiener Circle and it was good.

Hot Dogs, Cheese Fries, large Pepsi served wit' attitude.

Oh Yeah we went to the Zoo as well.

Oh yeah 8 quaters for 2 hours...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

One Step at a Time

It is all about trial and error...or what ever. 2 weeks into my build phase of training and I feel great! Base riding was a blast now I have to work for my money. Obviously I don't take it too serious and I am not too rigid but there is structure masked in a nonchalant haze. Anyways I am looking for a good group ride to attend on Sat. One that is not on the normal routes I take....The Naperville Ride.

Oh yeah and I just bought 5lbs of carrots! It is so on!