Friday, November 28, 2008

No Zones No Worries

As I am writting this I am sitting with my lovely wife, Valerie, watching Check Please on WTTW,5

I am thinking how cool it will be to go to all these restaurants that are reviewed (well at least the good ones). In the future I will ride there and meet her, or ride with some friends to grab some chow. So drop me a line when your stomach growls.

But for the real reason I am sitting here typing is to share how nice it is to just ride in the "off season." No worries about time in zones or numbers of power and on and on. Just you and the bike. Well at least for me. This time of year is great for exploring new routes and never saying nay to a detour.

Today I finally connected some trails that I had wanted to for a while. The Salt Creek Trail to the Prarie Path to the Great Western Trail back to the Prarie Path for a 3.5 hr fixed gear ride with out the "out and back ride" that I am always trying to avoid. I am putting on the GPS on the old bike tomorrow to share every new route.

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Mr. V an admirer, fan, follower said...

Fantastic idea for all of us to share your quest and adventure potentially in visual form. I anticipate with enjoy the pleasure the future editions as the evolve. Your writing is excellent and comfortable. Love all around.