Sunday, November 30, 2008

Out with the old and in with the new...well at least for a little while.

Even though the off season is starting a couple weeks earlier for me this year, I am still looking forward to it. This year I will try things a little differently. For the next few months my training will revolve around running, yoga, weights and the weekend adventure ride(s). No need to be shy about it but I don't mind being told what to I will follow a structured training regiment for a half marathon. This plan is three fold. 1. The plan is laid out for me to follow in a way that I enjoy. 2. The duration is long enough to safely train for a half marathon, keeping me outside, that by the duration's end, it will be about pre-season, or base. 3. The half marathon is not so physically strenuous that I will be unable to do core work outs and yoga, as well as my adventure rides on the weekend.
Last year I rode all but one week in the winter and even though that was (ahem) cool, I do not see my self repeating the same.

Watch me do really bad next year..oh well

"Sans tourner autour du pot," welcome to the off season. Mmm do I smell cookies?


Ari said...

Johnny Go Fast told me about some trails around Boughton road in Bolingbrook that sound interesting. You can Google earth Royc Rd and Rte 53 and see the trailhead.

Ryan! said...

Yeah that sounds like a good idea for Saturday. Thanks. Looks like we were opposite ends of the Great Western Trail last weekend. From the pictures you really can't tell...that we were on opposite ends of the trail.

Gordiedog said...

Training for a half huh? if you need any help of books or looking for good websites for training programs I'm right a across the street.

Which half are you thinking of doing?


Ryan! said...

No one in particular. I am using the training plan for a half to keep my double chin at bay. Thanks for the offer though. See you in the streets.