Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Recovery Week

This week is a recovery week. I was thinking about what is a recovery week. Most importantly why do I feel so stale the first couple rides when I get back. Hmm maybe I should have shaken it up at least once or twice during the week. Nothing crazy but something to get the blood pumping and the muscles contracting. In store this week is a SCW Ride, high cadence spinning, the introduction to plyometrics and a some tempo but nothing taken too seriously.

So today was the SCW Ride. The Tuesday night practice crit at the Ace Hardware. This was it. Just what I needed. The pace was high enough where I could sit in at the front and get a good work out in. I did take a couple pulls and found myself in the back 1/4 of the field and had to work back up. No attacking just riding. In the back of my head was "just cool it, sit in, get a work out in and save it for next week." Each lap averaged about 26 mph with a pretty stiff head wind on the open two sides of the one kilometer four corner track.

Earlier today I started to do some more leg work outs which I plan on doing twice a week. Mostly jumping around and trying to recruit some fast twitch muscle fibers. Right now I feel good. I am looking forward to yoga tomorrow and a chill high cadence off road ride on Thursday.

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