Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wieners and Wheels

After riding the Naperville Ride yesterday and talking to Ken, I knew what had to be done. I needed to ride out to the ride-do it-ride home. So I woke up this morning, rode some recon, came home 79 miles later, very happy. This is it. This is the new Saturday ride.

1.15 hrs till I meet the ride from my place.

Throttle it.

Come back hungry.

Today I just cruised. Nothing serious. Just recon. I came back home 3.45min after I left.

Val and I went to the Wiener Circle and it was good.

Hot Dogs, Cheese Fries, large Pepsi served wit' attitude.

Oh Yeah we went to the Zoo as well.

Oh yeah 8 quaters for 2 hours...


Josh said...

send cheese fries NOW. nice riding, dude!

Ryan! said...

I wish it were yesterday.