Monday, February 16, 2009

Flatlandia to Hold Circuit Race

As the search party dreamt of a race to sanction and what wonders they would find, snow fell on what would be the route determined. Jason. Ted and I met up in Rural Illinois, 75 miles west of the city, in a small town called Leland. Oddly enough, it is right down the street from where I grew up.

We met up in their downtown across the street from Casey’s.

It didn’t take too long to find a suitable course for us to race on. In all actuality it is very flatlandia because of its flat farm roads with very natural turns and a stretch of gravel with a small riser.

We got out to pre-ride the course. I brought along the GT GTR cross bike with a 42 tooth chaining caressed by double chain guards and a 12-27 in the back and file tread tires. Jason had his surly cross check running a single speed 42x16 with full on fenders. Ted was straddled his full carbon BH Connect team bike.

The roads were covered in an inch or so dusting of snow. This proved to be adventuress for our man Ted as he slid through the corners like a dirt bike racer on an oval track.

Le Course

A roll out from Leland High starts this 10 mile circuit race that heads west on 47th street. Flying down farm roads you parallel a freight train and blast past a pig farm and some horses. The turns are easy and fast. The course runs clockwise to avoid cross traffic turns. The best part of the course is the gravel road that has a small riser in the middle and is located on the last stretch before you turn onto the slightly uphill finishing straight.


Mr. V an admirer, fan, follower said...

Great pictures once again and the idea of the snow creating sliding action like dirt bike racer on an oval track sounds exciting. I saw it being a 10 mile circuit which seems long especially with gravel terrain to negoitiate. But cyclers are a tough group.

You certainly have a great feel for words because it is an easy read and entertaining style of writing. I enjoy it. Mr. V

Ryan! said...

We were thinking cat 1/2 will do 6 circuits while the juniors can do 2. Evey one else will be in between. We still have to get this course accepted and our team will be the only one with a gravel stretch. We all think it is a pretty cool course and it sounds like you do too! The race is scheduled for April 25th. Everything is up in the air though. I hope you had a good weekend!