Monday, February 9, 2009

When the Snow Melts

All last week I was looking forward to the weekend. I thought this weekend would give me the opportunity to go into Lemont through the back roads and get in 50 + miles almost car-less. I got out Saturday to recon the Sunday route. Although it was a blast, the snow never melted fully. This left snow/slush in the tree covered areas of the paved route. By the time I got off-road it felt like my rear tire was flat from it sinking into the earth. When I got to the crushed limestone section, which had full tree cover, it was more than a pain to grind up hill in the snow/slush mixture. For what ever reason I left my neoprene socks at home. At 58 degrees I didn't really mind that my feet felt like the were in a margarita but I knew that the following day would be 20 degrees colder and this would be unpleasant.

Sunday. The route was road bound. I still brought the Surly. It was built up with a fixed 38x18 gear, WTB Mutanoraptor 700x45 tires, Truvativ riser bars, and avid 7's mountain bike brakes. Not a bike for the road or a pleasant ride when I am in the company of road bikes. I have the feeling my cadence was well over 120 for the 55 miles we were out. I have to say it was the best workout I got in this year though!

Both days were fun and a pleasant break from the below freezing weather we have had for some time now.

Next week should be awesome!


Mr. V an admirer, fan, follower said...

What a great shot of where you cycle..Tomorrow is suppose to be in the 60's... Hope it prolongs until the week-end..

Hope the firefighting is still moving along. Maybe you can show a picture of our Oak Brook Fire Dept. Love to have you here.

Mr. V

Ryan! said...

I got out after work today to get a short ride in because it was so nice! I noticed you came over. Thanks!

Ryan! said...

Wow. I went into the crawl space and it looks completely different! Thank you very much. It looks like you spent a lot of time down there!