Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The E-Helmet

Sure I could run or bike with out any cool technologically advanced gadgets but hey I like ‘em. Although using the power tap on my bike was a little out of my league and with all the hassles that came with it was not for me… What is cool to take along is a GPS.

There are a few websites that appeal to the GPS user such as www.gpsies.com www.mapmyride.com and www.motionbased.com

Motion Based is a website that supplements Garmin’s training GPSs.

Last Sunday was my first “long run” of the HM training plan. Even though the run was only 6 miles it will gradually increase.

The Plan
Week Tuesday Wednesday Sat/Sun
1 4x400 3-mile tempo 6-mile long run
2 4x800 4-mile tempo 8-mile long run
3 3x1600 5-mile tempo 10-mile long run
4 6x400 6-mile tempo 6-mile long run
5 3x1600 4-mile tempo 10-mile long run
6 4x800 8-mile tempo 8-mile long run
7 6x400 6-mile tempo 10-mile long run
8 4x1600 8-mile tempo 12-mile long run
9 3x800 3-mile tempo 6-mile long run
10 4x400 2-mile tempo Half Marathon

This 6 miler was done at my HMP + 30 seconds per mile which ended up being an 8:20 mile pace, nothing crazy.

By uploading the data from my watch, anyone is able to take a look at the course. People looking for a map of runs in any area can look at a map and even press “play” to see how the course was run! Way too cool. Check it out here.


Technology is cool but I hope I don’t get too carried away like this guy!

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