Monday, January 19, 2009


I guess I shouldn't have passed on the Chocolate milk and Pizza at Ted's house because the only nutrition I got on the way back from the city was the salt from the roads splashing up on my parched lips.

I like riding in the winter, although I would prefer waiting till the late morning or early afternoon. This lets it heat up a little or give me some sun time. Sunday was an early ride. An early finger numbing ride. A ride with snow covered roads, fixed gears, slush filled pot holes, salt, a stiff head wind and a couple good friends.

It is time to slap on the fenders. I was the only one with out any slush guards and probably with the cleanest face.

At 3.5 I can honestly say that I was tired, especially since I haven't pushed the pedals in a couple weeks now and I passed on the chocolaty goodness at Ted's casa.


Ari said...

I am glad to hear you were out. I was out riding in Siberia and the fenders do come in handy.
Get some.

Ryan! said...

Got Some. You are always outside. I would be suprized to hear that you sleep inside.

Ari said...

With the neoprene socks, wool sock, toe warmers and Lake winter boots I was outside yesterday for 3 hours and my feet were really warm