Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Testing for the Berwyn Fire Department

About a month or so ago I read that the Berwyn Fire Department was accepting applications ($50). Unfortunatly, at the first meeting for us candidates (200) we were informed that there no actual openings in the department. We did, however, take a physical test and upon completion, take a written test. Following this, there will be an oral interview and then the results will be posted. These results are good for the next two years. In this time, they explained, they may hire 2-4 candidates. On the up side, the physical test was pretty cool.
The test consisted of 6 different stages which were... 35 foot ladder extension, 75 foot ladder climb, 200lb dummy drag, 3 stair flights sprint up and down with SCBA gear, 150 foot hose crawl in black out SCBA and 100 lb weight carry in SCBA. All the tests were to be completed under a tight time constraint and was actually worth the money I paid for the application!
Although the tests were all anaerobic they were not too intensly challenging. If you did fail one stage you were disquallified. Too bad there wasn't a ladder race!

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