Friday, January 9, 2009

Rangers Lead the Way

Rangers Lead the Way, not only in the US Army but through my winter training for core strength. Keeping up with this Ranger instructed work out is a challenge and doing the 2-30 min sessions, consecutively, is a bonus.

After building a base for running, my training has started. Coupled to my training plan is a Garmin Forerunner 305. This tool is out of this world! A couple awesome features is its GPS that tells your pace and how far you have traveled. This is outstanding and humbling. I use heart rate on the bike but actually knowing your real time pace, while running, is incredible when you have a plan, a number and, I guess... guts. I may actually get fast now.

Honestly I thought I was faster and doing 8 intervals of just max heart rate for 1.5 min I thought I knew my tempo speed. I stuck to the pace number I set for a 4 mile tempo and realized, fast, that it was not right. Regardless I kept it up and after 4 miles of cruising, my work out was coming to and end while my thighs felt like they got hit with a bat.

With all this good training I need a good stretch! The book "Stretching," from Bob Anderson will lead the way. This book actually has stretching routines form flying a desk to being in the rodeo!

I do like riding and all but running around in neoprene has its perks too...wait, what!? Hey better than riding on the trainer.

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