Thursday, March 19, 2009

Into the City

Getting into the city.

Plan A.

1. Follow the "Q" East to Oak Park Ave.

2. Take it North to South Ave (Turns in to Lake Street but the most obvious land mark is the "EL.")

3. Follow the "El" directly East downtown.

Plan B.

1. Take Ogden Ave north east into the city.


How do they compare?

Plan A is longer than Plan B.

Plan B has a side street less traveled off Ogden Ave.

Plan A has a side street that has medium travel.

Plan B side street is rugged, totally beat up.

Plan A is very "local."

Plan B has one busy section that is not so well lit when you go under the over pass.

Plan A takes you right downtown.

Plan B brings you to UIC.

When you do decide to take a route, plan A, B or the one you make up, go and take a look at the latest headline of the Onion.

This one was located on the North West side of Clark Ave, across the street from Wrigley Field.

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