Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why I like the Country

Sometimes it is worth getting in the van and heading out to the country. Sure you may have to wake up way before the sun comes up and shuffle off to ride at day break but when you're flying down those secluded roads it is almost impossible to tear that smile off your face. So I made a quick list.

1. Farm dogs make unexpected sprints points.

2. Low traffic.

3. The traffic there is, waves.

4. No stopping!

5. Clothes dry on a line.

6. Barns have big old American flags painted on 'em.

Funny thing, growing up I hardly did what I was told. Today was no different. "Road Closed" -eh not for me.

As I headed down the road, which I was not supposed to be on, I came across a flooded river that spilled across the road. After traveling all the way out here, when I found a map online which I downloaded to my gps that led me to ride a course that I have never seen before, I was not about to turn around and go back. So...I took off my shoes, socks, knee warmers; I shouldered my bike and held my shoes in my hands and headed into what would be water colder than than crossing it was worth. If that last sentence made little sense, what I meant to say was... As a waded through the flooded river I came to the realization that it was extremely cold! (I guess there was snow on the groud a few weeks ago) I did a cost benefit analysis (in the middle of the over flow) I came to the conclusion that the water was so cold that it was not worth going all the way through to only have to do it again at the next flooded section soon after. So, I turned around and headed back. Like a big old chicken.

I did find a detour and was back on track soon enough. Soon enough to see this cute little black and brown weiner dog chasing me with its stubby little legs and the high pitch bark. Suddenly I heard some more barks, this time deeper. I saw three dogs. They were black and brown, true. Although they were not cute or had small stubby legs. No they were rottweilers and they were chasing, fast! They wanted blood. My chuckle turn into ah...not a chuckle and I turned on the steam.

Country riding is for me.

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