Monday, March 2, 2009

Windy Riding.

This weekend the temperature refused to go above freezing and the wind blew like mad. We still rode. On the surly, I put in 120 miles, 90 into the wind. It was a satisfying weekend. The routes we no different than the ones prior but the company was second to none.


Mr. V an admirer, fan, follower said...

That was definitely a “Wow” scene. I am so into believing that wind power is the answer to all homeowners, and rental complexes to be using wind power for electricity. Just like the house top in the 50’s that filled up with TV antennas, so too will attractive wind power machines will fill up the current roof top scenery. They will be cost effective to make all home complexes self sufficient and maybe even a source of income. Chicago passes the wind qualifications of being on average over 10 MPH at 30 feet high.

Ryan! said...

Anything is better than foreign oil, right.