Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sputtering Out

I drew many similarities between my road ride yesterday and the final kilometers of Stage 3 of Paris Nice.

1. They both were wet. Sure that was lame.
2. My late winter form reminded me of Langeveld off the front with the chase group (summer form) closing in when ever they want. (My summer form, ten fold doesn't come close to any kind of form these guyys have, don't get me wrong.)
3. My sprint resembled Flecha's, sputtering out and like an old Ford Pinto low on fuel. I told my self, as I coasted through the sprint point, that I was sprinting into wind and I went out too soon. Although as I headed back east I was now in the wind. There was no excuss other than I need to work on sprinting.

As for my first road ride of the season I went out disconnected from technology. My wrist had only company of a Casio calculator watch. I have been on many rides this year but none on a road bike. Fixed gear-yeah, Mountain bike-yeah, Cyclocross bike-yeah, Road bike-nope.
I forgot how smooth the Merlin Works bike is. It really rides like silk.
Now that it is warmer and the sun sets at 7 I will be on the Merlin working on that sprint, well among everything else.

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